Infratonic 9 – the Pain Relief You have been Looking for

Infratonic 9Life with chronic pain isn’t easy. Whether it’s from an injury you sustained or the aches and pains that come with aging, chances are you’ll try anything if you think it will help alleviate some of the pain you feel. You probably think that you’ve tried every procedure, product, and potion known to man and are growing more and more frustrated with your results, but that can be expected. Before you give up on finding the relief you want so much, finish reading this text all the way to the end. You will learn about a new pain relief system that is like nothing you’ve probably ever seen before, and it works in an even more astonishing way.
With the help of this device, you could learn again what its like to get out of bed, go about your day, and live your life with little to no pain. Whether its your aches, your pains, your joints or your muscles, you have to give this product a try before you throw in the towel on finding relief. Keep reading to learn more about what the product is, how it works, and how it has already helped sufferers of chronic pain just like you!
The Infratonic 9 is a revolution in self administered pain therapy. Portable and cordless, the unit can be taken anywhere; in the car, on a plane, in a purse – literally anywhere! It is designed to work for up to 50 hours on a single battery charge and can be charged anywhere in the world thanks to the unit’s universal charger that works with any voltage wall outlet. Weighing in at about a pound, this handheld unit is a joy to use and easy to forget you’re carrying around.image20
Using ultra low level sound wave emissions to penetrate deep into the tissue to dissolve pain where it starts, at the cellular level of the body. A powerful magnet is also incorporated to activate the body’s natural healing properties.

Natural Pain Relief

Pain is caused by cellular trauma. Cellular trauma occurs when the body experiences an injury and the cells in and around the injured area go into shock. Cells create inflammation as a natural part of the healing process, but when a cell experiences trauma, its ability to regulate the amount of inflammation it produces becomes impaired, and the cell may produce inflammation for years after the healing process completes. The Infratonic 9 works by producing soothing sound waves to calm traumatized cells and reduce the hypersensitivity of the cells that cause pain. Low frequency sound wave emissions also help keep the body healthy by increasing circulation over areas where it is used, replacing old fluids with fresh, oxygenated fluids that promote the healing process.
Unlike ultrasound technology which can cause deep tissue burns in users, the low frequency sound waves of the Infratonic 9 avoid this problem and pose no risk of deep tissue burning and, better yet, no need for an attendant to monitor the device in use. This device is also more effective than TENS therapy – which can cause desensitization of pain receptors. The purpose of the Infratonic 9 isn’t to numb the pain, but to heal the pain by stimulating the cells around the injured or hurting area.
The technology in the Infratonic 9 has been shown in controlled studies to help reduce inflammation, speed the natural healing processes of the body, relieve nerve impingement, enhance local circulation, improve sleep, and provide energy boosts.

Customer Feedback

Of course, anybody can make a claim. Years of being disappointed by claims may make you wary about investing in an Infratonic 9, which is why I want to offer you my personal story of how the technology of the Infratonic 9 has helped me.
My first experience with low frequency sound therapy devices came when I purchased an old version of this device over a decade ago when I was traveling through Russia. I did not use the device for a number of years – mostly for the reason that I was too lazy to read the directions. Then, about two years ago, my doctor recommended an operation to cure a cyst on my finger which was probably caused by arthritis. While I waited for my appointments with my surgeon, I started using the low frequency sound therapy device I bought so many years earlier on my finger and arms, which had been sources of chronic pain for several years; the results were miraculous.
After just four days of using the device, my cyst disappeared and the pain I was experiencing up my arms vanished. I was happy that I had avoided the need for surgery and even more happy that I no longer experienced the pain that I had been. I still use the device about once or twice a week to keep the pain away, but compared to the costs of depending on surgery and pharmaceutical drugs to make my finger and arms feel better, the choice seems like a no brainer to me. Plus, the treatment is so easy to apply, that I usually surf the web or watch TV while I use the device. I’m so happy with the results I’ve experienced with my decade old device, I can’t wait to purchase an upgraded modern version as soon as I can.

Chose Pain Free Living!

If you’re still on the fence about ordering this device, don’t worry, because there’s absolutely no risk involved. If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the Infratonic 9, take advantage of the product’s unconditional 90 day warranty and return the product for a full refund. Beyond 90 days, you’re covered by a two year warranty on parts and labor so, if the device ever breaks, you can send it it for free repairs. A three year manufacturer’s warranty protects you from defects in your product and keeps you from buying a lemon. You literally have nothing to lose and a life of living pain free to gain.


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